Orthodontics for Adults

Would you like a straight, beautiful, strong smile? If you are over 18 and in need of orthodontic treatment, you are not alone! About 20% of orthodontics patients are adults, and the numbers just keep rising. We have a lot of options available that may help. A simple exam at Ifantis Dental Care will determine how best to treat your... read more »

The Importance of Caring for Your Braces

Caring for your braces is vital to a successful aligning treatment. Did you know if you don’t care for your braces you could increase the time you need to wear them? Well, It’s true! That is why our team here at Ifantis Dental Care is proud to give you these tips when it comes to caring for your braces, so... read more »

Adult Braces: Things to Consider

Many people think that braces are just for teenagers and children. However, more and more adults are straightening their teeth. Adults want to not only keep their teeth, but to have them be straight, beautiful, and healthy. If you yearn for a healthier, more attractive smile, ask Dr. John Ifantis about braces in Morton Grove, Illinois. In addition to straightening... read more »