Galileos 3D Imaging machine in use by a woman


706_galileos_LogoAs part of our commitment to our patients at Ifantis Dental Care, we are pleased to feature state-of-the-art dental technology, including GALILEOS 3D imaging in Morton Grove, Illinois. During your oral exam, our dentists may determine that you need additional imaging in order to analyze your smile more thoroughly. This cutting-edge technology is really changing the game, and we are proud of the fact that our use of GALILEOS 3D imaging sets us apart. Learn more about our comprehensive services and schedule your next appointment with Dr. John Ifantis by calling us today!

3D dental imaging, also known as Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), is much less invasive than typical dental X-rays. But it provides far more information about dental and facial anatomy. It uses a focused X-ray beam that reduces your radiation exposure and produces better image quality. Our dentists may use it to:

-Plan dental implant placements
-Evaluate the jaws and face
-View the head and neck as a comprehensive whole
-Assess tooth decay and other dental problems
-Detect endodontic problems and plan root canal therapy
-Analyze dental and facial trauma
-Plan and evaluate the progress of orthodontic treatment
-Visualize abnormal teeth
-Diagnose a TMJ disorder

Cone beam 3D imaging is an effective tool for diagnosing and evaluating many kinds of dental conditions, as well as planning any potential treatments. One of the advantages of 3D imaging technology is that it provides our dentists and team with a detailed view of your mouth and supporting structures that is more comprehensive than that provided by digital X-rays.

3D imaging is particularly valuable in aiding in the accurate placement of dental implants. Because dental implants are so reliant upon strong bone structure, a correct understanding of a patient’s bones and dental anatomy is crucial for their success. Traditional 2D dental imaging can be difficult to interpret, but GALILEOS 3D imaging provides an enhanced visualization of teeth, bones, and the surrounding tissues. This helps us place your dental implants in the best way possible.

If you would like to learn more about how GALILEOS 3D imaging helps us provide truly exceptional dental care, we invite you to contact Ifantis Dental Care today.