dentist using the Intraoral Camera on a patientDr. John Ifantis and our team are committed to educating you on your oral health and treatment options so you can make informed decisions about your dental healthcare. One tool we use to do this is the intraoral camera, a small, pen-sized camera that allows you to see what we see in your mouth. They also provide us with a more accurate picture of your mouth. For more information about how we use the intraoral camera in Morton Grove, Illinois, and to schedule your next appointment with our dentists, we invite you to contact us soon at Ifantis Dental Care.

Intraoral cameras have many benefits. One of the most important is that they can help detect some dental health problems earlier than a standard visual examination. Intraoral cameras can magnify images up to 40 times, enabling Dr. John Ifantis to see the beginnings of tooth decay or periodontal disease in high relief, before things become too serious.

Intraoral cameras also facilitate improved documentation. Where dentists used to rely entirely on written accounts of observations and diagnoses, pictures taken with the camera can be instantly printed and placed in patient files. This information is invaluable for providing correct treatment recommendations and tracking patient progress. You can receive copies of any photos as well, which can be used to aid in filing insurance claims.

Since the patient sees precisely what Dr. John Ifantis sees on an in-office screen, greater patient-doctor interaction is encouraged. The patient does not need to feel like he or she is out of the loop. The patient can ask questions at any time, and better understand when Dr. John Ifantis is offering an explanation. You can really become a part of the examination process, instead of being only the subject.

At Ifantis Dental Care, we are proud to offer our patients the best possible care by utilizing the latest dental technology. Our intraoral camera is just one more way we try to make your dental care experience better.