In order to give you the best results possible, Dr. John Ifantis is trained to perform dental examinations and procedures on a microscopic level. In order to do so, they use cutting edge dental microscopes to maintain the best view of your mouth throughout the treatment. While most dental offices are equipped with traditional optical microscopes, Ifantis Dental Care is proud to feature a next-generation 3D surgical microscope in Morton Grove, Illinois, allowing our dentists to perform extremely precise surgical microscopy and laser dentistry for more efficient treatments, shorted healing times, and a decreased need for anesthesia during operations. To learn more about our office’s cutting-edge surgical microscope, and to schedule your appointment at Ifantis Dental Care, call our office at 847-268-4998 today.

At your average dental office, you are likely to find traditional surgical microscopes, also known as telescopic loupes, that can work as a helpful visualization tool during dental exams and procedures. These binocular-like devices are worn like glasses throughout dental treatments. While our state-of-the-art office does carry high-power telescopic loupes, capable of magnifying images to 10 times their size, it also features a 3D surgical microscope.

Far from traditional telescopic loupes, this 3D imaging optical captures magnified video of the inside of your mouth with four times the resolution of standard HD imaging and no lag, allowing our dentists freedom of movement and a more detailed view of the oral area they are operating on. What this means for our patients is more precise and less invasive dental treatments. Because of its ability to illuminate hard-to-reach areas of our patients’ mouths, our in-office surgical microscope also gives Dr. John Ifantis more opportunities to use his advanced training in laser dentistry during more common restorative procedures, elevating your routine dental care with advanced dental technology.

We are pleased to offer advanced services that allow us to better care for your smile. For more information about surgical microscopes and to schedule an appointment with our dentists, please contact our office today.