If the pulp of your tooth is severely damaged, and root canal treatment has proven ineffective at treating the issue, our dentists may recommend an apicoectomy to help save your tooth. Dr. John Ifantis can perform this procedure using our in-house BIOLASE® Waterlase dental laser, shortening your healing time and allowing for a more precise treatment. Studies have shown that laser-assisted apicoectomies are better at sealing dentinal tubules and reducing bacterial contamination during the procedure than traditional apicoectomies, resulting in virutally no post-operation discomfort. The Waterlase laser specifically induces little to no cracks when used to address root-end infections. Since only 6% of general dentists have a dental laser for soft-tissue procedures in their office, Dr. Ifantis is able to provide a uniquely high-tech and effective service. To learn more about laser-assisted apicoectomy in Morton Grove, Illinois, or to schedule your appointment at Ifantis Dental Care, call our office at 847-268-4998 today.