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Dr. Ifantis and a Patient Holding a “Save My Tooth with Ifantis Dental Care” Sign

When facing the challenges of severe gum disease and jawbone recession, the mission at Ifantis Dental Care is clear: to Save Your Tooth. Instead of resorting to tooth extraction and subsequent dental implants, bridges, or dentures, we offer alternative, innovative treatments focused on preserving your natural teeth, embodying our Save My Tooth ethos.

Under the expert guidance of Dr. John Ifantis, our team is dedicated to advanced dental procedures that revitalize healthy gum tissue and halt bone loss. The Save My Tooth philosophy is about more than keeping your teeth—it’s about maintaining the beauty of your smile and ensuring the long-term health of your teeth and gums.

Leading the Save My Tooth Initiative: GentleWave and Beyond

With a rich background in periodontology and a commitment to cutting-edge dental technology, Dr. Ifantis champions the Save My Tooth initiative by employing the latest advancements in dental care. A cornerstone of this initiative is the GentleWave Procedure.

  • GentileWave Technology: Transforming root canal therapy, the GentleWave Procedure exemplifies our Save My Tooth approach through a minimally invasive technique. It cleans the root canal system more thoroughly than traditional methods, utilizing fluid dynamics and acoustics to eradicate infections and debris from hidden canals, significantly enhancing the success rate of our Save My Tooth efforts.

Embracing technologies such as lasers, growth factors, and regenerative materials, Ifantis Dental Care is at the forefront of the Save My Tooth movement, offering you the best chance to preserve your natural teeth.

The Save My Tooth Philosophy: Why Seek a Second Opinion?

Dr. Ifantis with a Patient Proudly Displaying a “My Smile Was Saved by Ifantis Dental Care” Sign

The decision to remove a tooth should not be made lightly. Our Save My Tooth philosophy encourages seeking a second opinion to explore all available treatment options. A consultation with our team might reveal less invasive, more tooth-conserving alternatives, sparing you from the discomfort and lengthy recovery associated with traditional dental surgeries.

Advanced Save My Tooth Treatments

Dr. Ifantis with Patients Before and After Treatment

At Ifantis Dental Care, we employ the most advanced treatments to combat gum disease and bone recession, all in the service of our Save My Tooth mission:

  • Gum Grafting: Our Save My Tooth approach includes gum grafting to address recession, using your own tissue or donor tissue to fortify your gum line, safeguarding against decay and ensuring the stability of your teeth.
  • Bone Grafting: Integral to our Save My Tooth initiative, bone grafting reverses the cycle of tooth loss and bone absorption, promoting new bone growth to support your natural teeth and potential implants.
  • Laser Regeneration: Utilizing laser technology aligns with our Save My Tooth efforts by stimulating stem cell activity and encouraging new tissue growth, crucial for the regeneration of gums and bone.
  • The GentleWave Procedure: As a testament to our commitment to the Save My Tooth philosophy, the GentleWave Procedure offers an advanced cleaning for root canal therapy, ensuring thorough disinfection, promoting faster healing, and maximizing the potential to save your natural teeth.

Save My Tooth FAQs: Your Concerns Addressed

This optimized section continues to answer common questions, now with a stronger emphasis on the Save My Tooth philosophy, highlighting how our innovative treatments and procedures contribute to preserving natural teeth.

Choosing Ifantis Dental Care means embracing the Save My Tooth initiative, where innovative dental solutions are designed to not just save your teeth, but to ensure they thrive. With Dr. Ifantis and our dedicated team, your smile is in capable hands, supported by the latest dental technologies and a commitment to personalized, compassionate care.

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