6 Innovative Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry You Need to Know About

Cosmetic Dentistry in Morton Grove, IL

As new approaches arise, technology develops, and patient preferences change, cosmetic dentistry is continuously changing as well. Thanks to a lot of interesting new advancements, cosmetic dentistry is today more affordable, comfortable, and efficient than it has ever been. This is so since dental tools and procedures are continually developing.

Discover these trends and see if they might help you smile more

  1. One made the screen smile: Among the most interesting new advancements in cosmetic dentistry this year is Digital Smile Design (DSD). Before cosmetic dental work is done, this state-of-the-art equipment lets the clinician and the patient view the outcome. High-resolution 3D pictures and computer tools available from DSD will let you preview how your new smile will look prior to correction. This lets your doctor and you more successfully interact and communicate.
  2. The cost of clear braces keeps rising: Clear aligners have revolutionized how individuals obtain braces; this will not change in 2023. Many companies create almost invisible, removable braces for their companies. This approach of tooth restoration is more cosmetically attractive and easier. With patients able to track treatment development from their own homes, teledentistry has also evolved greatly. They won't have to see the doctor as regularly now.
  3. Placed veneers were the best choice for many years: More people are getting composite veneers this year. Composite veneers thereby require less tooth preparation and cost less than porcelain veneers. This is so because their plastic construction mimics teeth and is fastened straight onto the teeth. Those who want to smile more but do not want to change their teeth much should give these some thought.
  4. Care that generates either minimal or no discomfort: As more people search for treatments that damage them less, less harmful techniques are becoming more and more sought in cosmetic dentistry. A new field of dentistry called biomimetics uses materials and processes for tooth restoration that mimic how our teeth grow naturally. This method performs best when the tooth structure is as whole as it may be. Furthermore better is biomimetics since it will eventually save the necessity for more intrusive treatments.
  5. Cosmetic dentistry will make ever more use of biocompatible materials by 2023: This fits along with a larger trend toward eco-friendly goods. Concrete implants or reactive glass fillings that mimic real teeth are not something the body objects to. Rejection and allergic responses are thus less likely to happen.
  6. The connection between general health and veneer application on teeth: Let's talk about how plastic surgeons might affect your general wellbeing. A good, healthy smile has been demonstrated to boost self-esteem and general wellness. The dentist today sees the person holistically, including issues related to both short-term and long-term dental health.

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