Treating a Developing Dental Abscess

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A developing dental abscess can cause pain, pressure and discomfort in your gums and teeth. The buildup of fluid is often the result of untreated tooth decay or other dental distress in the tooth’s root. This problem requires timely professional treatment from our dentist, Dr. John Ifantis to prevent a dangerous infection from affecting the rest of your body. With timely attention, our dentist can drain the fluid from a dental abscess before restoring the tooth with endodontic therapy. The recovery process might also include prescription antibiotics and pain medication. These medications will need to be taken as prescribed to prevent pain, swelling or infection. The staff at Ifantis Dental Care will talk with you about the recovery process and aftercare measures that will reduce your chances of suffering undue complications.

If the tooth is so severely compromised that it can’t be treated by endodontic means, Dr. John Ifantis might advocate a total extraction. Once everything has healed, he can help you decide if you would like to restore the tooth with a dental bridge or dental implant.

If you live in Morton Grove, Illinois, and you are experiencing symptoms of a dental abscess, you should call 847-268-4998 to seek treatment at Ifantis Dental Care.