The Ways Your Dentist Can Tell You Have a Cavity

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Sometimes cavities are hidden and tough to see, especially if they lie between two teeth or in the internal layers of a tooth. So how does your dentist, Dr. John Ifantis, accurately diagnose a cavity when you’re in the dental chair? Well, it’s an interesting process, and our dental team will be happy to tell you all about it.

First, your dentist will inspect your chompers with a special dental instrument. This instrument helps examine the surfaces of the teeth and identify cavities that are on the top layers of the teeth but are tough to see. The process involves your dentist running the instrument over each tooth carefully. If the instrument sticks in a spot on the tooth, it means the tooth is damaged. This is a major sign of a cavity.

Second, your dentist will take pictures of your teeth, their roots, and the underlying bone. This is possible with a dental X-ray. With the help of this equipment, your dentist can identify any problems that are hidden within your smile.

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