A Chipped Tooth Could Lead to Severe Tooth Decay

At first, a chipped tooth might prove to be little more than a textural nuisance in your mouth. Yet even if it doesn’t appear when you smile the damaged area of tooth enamel could lead to more than just cosmetic complications.   Over time plaque buildup and stray food particles can start to accumulate in the aberrant texture of the... read more »

Early Symptoms of a Failing Dental Filling Should Never Be Ignored

A small cavity, localized area of dental attrition, or a minor physical imperfection in the single surface of a tooth can often be addressed by installing a dental filling. This common mode of treatment is designed to replace the compromised void with a dental grade material like metallic amalgam, composite resin, gold alloy, or special dental grade porcelain. As the... read more »

The Ways Your Dentist Can Tell You Have a Cavity

Sometimes cavities are hidden and tough to see, especially if they lie between two teeth or in the internal layers of a tooth. So how does your dentist, Dr. John Ifantis, accurately diagnose a cavity when you’re in the dental chair? Well, it’s an interesting process, and our dental team will be happy to tell you all about it. First,... read more »

A Toothache Might Require a Root Canal

Dental fillings are often used to repair a chip, minor dental fracture, or a modest size cavity. They are typically bonded or cemented to the surrounding tooth enamel with the intention that they will last for many years. As time goes on it’s possible for the natural bacteria living in your mouth to weaken the connection between the dental filling... read more »

Dental Health Care Focus: Dental Veneers

Have you heard that there is a dental restoration procedure that can conceal the fronts of your teeth and allow you to present the world with the smile of your dreams? It is possible with the help of tooth restoration treatment known as dental veneers. Focus your oral health care on dental veneers. Save your smile with dental veneers and... read more »

Root Canal: Saving a Diseased Tooth

Dr. John Ifantis and our Ifantis Dental Care team in Morton Grove, Illinois, are here to help you achieve and maintain a healthy smile by working with you on your oral care needs. Do you have an infected or inflamed tooth causing you pain? If so, you may benefit from a root canal treatment. What does a root canal do?... read more »

Protect Your Teeth and Gums From Dangerous Sweets

Your oral health care is our main priority at Ifantis Dental Care. We strive to do everything we can to keep your smile at its best. For the times that we cannot physically assist you on a daily basis, we can assist you with helpful reminders and guidelines to follow so that you can protect your teeth and gums from... read more »

Make Your Oral Health Your Priority This Year

The foods we eat and the drinks we consume could be harming our teeth without us even knowing it. Combined with harmful bacteria that may be in our mouths, various food particles can be broken down into acids that damage our teeth, or even accumulate into plaque buildup. Brushing and flossing alone may not be enough to keep our teeth... read more »

The Importance of Caring for Your Braces

Caring for your braces is vital to a successful aligning treatment. Did you know if you don’t care for your braces you could increase the time you need to wear them? Well, It’s true! That is why our team here at Ifantis Dental Care is proud to give you these tips when it comes to caring for your braces, so... read more »