A Bridge Can Often Be Used to Replace a Tooth That Needed to Be Extracted

Tooth decay and severe dental fractures can significantly compromise a tooth. If a tooth is too badly affected to be treated by a root canal, Dr. John Ifantis might recommend a dental extraction. This will gradually relieve any pain and prevent an infection from developing in the root or socket of the tooth. Once everything has healed, they can help... read more »

A Bridge Can Be Used to Restore a Tooth Lost to Severe Decay

Untreated tooth decay poses a serious threat to the individual tooth and your overall oral health. If you continue to procrastinate seeking professional treatment, the decay can spread throughout the tooth, leading to the total loss of the tooth. In a case like this, your dentist, Dr. John Ifantis, might have to extract the root of the tooth and suture... read more »

Avoid Common Pitfalls with Tooth Loss

Tooth loss can be devastating for your health long after if you leave the afflicted area unchecked. The area left behind will be an eerie wasteland for bacteria to thrive. The best way to prevent bacteria from taking up residence is with a dental implant. Your trusted team of dentists at Ifantis Dental Care will do everything in their power... read more »

Choose a Dental Bridge

Restorative dentistry is a specific focus of dental treatments that are meant to restore a tooth. If the tooth isn’t restored by some means, your oral health can be altered. Usually, one of the best treatments of restorative dentistry is to install a standard dental bridge to help replace missing teeth. A dental bridge in Morton Grove, Illinois, is essentially... read more »