Try Fluoride to Strengthen Your Teeth

Fluoride is composed of minerals that can strengthen the enamel of your teeth. In fact, fluoride is commonly used to help protect your teeth, which reduces the risk of cavities and tooth decay. With the use of fluoride, you are setting your teeth up for oral health success. Our dentists, Dr. John Ifantis, cares about the health of your teeth... read more »

Dental Veneers Work to Dazzle Your Smile

Do you ever wish you had a smile that could dazzle people? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of people wish they had a smile like you see in television or movies. That is why more people are turning to dental veneers than ever before. To help you understand more about dental veneers, Dr. John Ifantis here at Ifantis... read more »

Ensuring Good Oral Health During the Holiday Season

Holidays are a fun time to spend with family, and that typically means mean candy canes, pies, and other delectable goodies; however, it can also mean an increase in cavities – for children and adults. Read on to learn how you can reduce the chances of cavities and keep your oral health in great shape: - Reduce sweets for the... read more »

What to Expect After a Dental Filling

If you’re about to repair a tooth with a dental filling, then you’re on your way toward a repaired oral health. After treatment, you will have the strong and healthy tooth you deserve. Along with that, you will also experience a few side effects. To help you know what to expect, our dentist, Dr. John Ifantis, has some details for... read more »

The Ways Your Dentist Can Tell You Have a Cavity

Sometimes cavities are hidden and tough to see, especially if they lie between two teeth or in the internal layers of a tooth. So how does your dentist, Dr. John Ifantis, accurately diagnose a cavity when you’re in the dental chair? Well, it’s an interesting process, and our dental team will be happy to tell you all about it. First,... read more »

Dental Health Care Focus: Dental Veneers

Have you heard that there is a dental restoration procedure that can conceal the fronts of your teeth and allow you to present the world with the smile of your dreams? It is possible with the help of tooth restoration treatment known as dental veneers. Focus your oral health care on dental veneers. Save your smile with dental veneers and... read more »

Does Your Smile Desire a Cosmetic Upgrade?

Does your smile desire a cosmetic upgrade? Do your teeth have chronic problems that keep your smile from attaining its ultimate potential? Cosmetic dentistry may be the answer. Here are a few options that Ifantis Dental Care can offer you in order to level up both the beauty and functionality of your smile: - Dental veneers and crowns are specifically... read more »

Ways to Lighten Your Smile

Have your teeth lost their pearly white brilliance? Are your teeth yellowed or stained? Ask Dr. John Ifantis about teeth whitening in Morton Grove, Illinois. At our office, we offer both in-office and at-home whitening. Our dentist will help you determine which method of whitening is best for you. In-Office Whitening In-office teeth whitening is the fastest way to whiten... read more »

If You Need a Dental Crown, Why Not Try CEREC®?

Do you suffer from a damaged or discolored tooth that cannot be treated effectively with brushing or other standard cleaning methods? If so, you may benefit from a dental crown. Dental crowns are used to help cap or conceal teeth down to the bottom of your gums. If you need a dental crown, why not try CEREC®? A CEREC dental... read more »

What Foods Help With Bad Breath?

As you probably know, brushing and flossing are very important to prevent bad breath and to keep your teeth and gums healthy. However, did you know that there are several other issues that could be causing your bad breath? For instance, did you know that some medications, tobacco use, infections, and even trauma to your mouth can lead to bad... read more »