If You Need a Dental Crown, Why Not Try CEREC®?

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Do you suffer from a damaged or discolored tooth that cannot be treated effectively with brushing or other standard cleaning methods? If so, you may benefit from a dental crown. Dental crowns are used to help cap or conceal teeth down to the bottom of your gums. If you need a dental crown, why not try CEREC®?

A CEREC dental crown is more advanced than a normal crown in a variety of ways. One of the most beneficial of which is that they can be precisely created and installed in a single day. This removes the need of uncomfortable temporary crowns, which are often needed for weeks on end in traditional dental crown placements. Alternatively, CEREC dental crowns are created directly at the dentist office, rather than at a lab.

CEREC crowns are designed with computerized technology to ensure the perfect size, shape, and even color that your mouth needs. A dentist can take your tooth impression and create a crown on a computer designed for the best possible outcome. Not only are CEREC crowns highly advanced and customizable, they are durable enough to last heavy wear and tear for over a decade.

If you would like Dr. John Ifantis and our team at Ifantis Dental Care to bring you in for an oral exam to see if CEREC is right for you, please contact our dentist office in Morton Grove, Illinois, by calling us at 847-268-4998. Have a fantastic day!