How Do I Receive My Dental Sealants?

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If you feel that more needs to be done to protect your teeth from cavities, we invite you to consider receiving dental sealants, which is a thin, plastic material applied to the chewing surfaces of your molars and premolars to protect them against tooth decay. If you are unfamiliar with the process of placing dental sealants, we invite you to review the procedure below.

When you visit Ifantis Dental Care to have dental sealants placed, our team will thoroughly clean your back teeth, and then rinse them and dry them completely. The next step is to roughen the chewing surfaces slightly using an acidic solution, which we then rinse off. A roughened chewing surface helps the dental sealants bond with the teeth. We then dry the teeth a second time so that our dentist can apply the sealants to the chewing surfaces in a liquid form. Finally, we harden the sealants with a special light so that the dried results produce hard plastic varnish.

Dental sealants can last for about ten years as long as you continue to care for your teeth and visit the dentist for routine dental exams and cleanings. Regular dental visits allow our dentist to assess your sealants and ensure they are not becoming chipped or worn down. If needed, we can replace any damaged dental sealants.

To learn more about the process of placing dental sealants in Morton Grove, Illinois, and to schedule your visit with Dr. John Ifantis, contact our friendly team at 847-268-4998 today.