Ensuring Good Oral Health During the Holiday Season

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Holidays are a fun time to spend with family, and that typically means mean candy canes, pies, and other delectable goodies; however, it can also mean an increase in cavities – for children and adults. Read on to learn how you can reduce the chances of cavities and keep your oral health in great shape:

– Reduce sweets for the stocking, and opt instead for small gifts, such as: Chapstick, bobby pins or barrettes, socks or stockings, ties or grooming tools for the men in your life, or small bouncy balls, cars, and other trinkets for children.
– Make some ornaments with your children and adorn it with tinsel and other bright colors, Instead of candy canes on the tree.
– Purchase new and fun toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss as stocking stuffers, to remind kids of the importance of keeping their teeth clean.
– Make new memories by going to a holiday movie, seeing holiday lights, or building a snowman with your family.
– Reduced sugar or sugar-free candies are a great way to cut back on the sugar this holiday season, so put out peppermints made of Xylitol or other teeth-friendly foods like assorted nuts.
– Brush and floss your teeth more, if you are eating a more than normal amount of sugary sweets.
– Visit us at Ifantis Dental Care for a thorough cleaning and oral examination for after the holidays, so if you do ingest more yummy goodies this holiday season, you can start anew for the new year, with clean and polished teeth!

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