Early Symptoms of a Failing Dental Filling Should Never Be Ignored

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A small cavity, localized area of dental attrition, or a minor physical imperfection in the single surface of a tooth can often be addressed by installing a dental filling. This common mode of treatment is designed to replace the compromised void with a dental grade material like metallic amalgam, composite resin, gold alloy, or special dental grade porcelain.

As the years go by it is possible for the adhesive bond between a dental filling and the natural tooth enamel to degrade As this starts to happen you might notice some early warning signs, that should not be ignored.

If the dental filling is on the biting surface you might notice early signs of distress as pain and discomfort when chewing. You might also notice heightened sensitivity, or a change in color, or texture.

In a situation like this, it’s best to contact an experienced dentist like Dr. John Ifantis to have the tooth examined and treated. Once they has determined the severity of the problem, Dr. John Ifantis can help you understand the possible treatment options.

The most effective treatment plan might call for replacing the old dental filling with a new one, or restoring the tooth’s enamel layer with a dental crown. If a new area of tooth decay has affected the sensitive core structures of the tooth they might first need to perform a root canal in advance of installing the dental crown.

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