Avoid Common Pitfalls with Tooth Loss

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Tooth loss can be devastating for your health long after if you leave the afflicted area unchecked. The area left behind will be an eerie wasteland for bacteria to thrive. The best way to prevent bacteria from taking up residence is with a dental implant. Your trusted team of dentists at Ifantis Dental Care will do everything in their power to make your implant look as seamless and realistic as the rest of your natural teeth. Dental implants have the following features:

Facial reconstruction: Dental implants can return a face to its original shape prior the lost tooth.
Stability: Dental implants can prevent shifting caused by bone loss.
Bone loss prevention: Dental implants can prevent bone loss.
Aesthetics: Dental implants can give you a better smile.
Strengthen jawbone: Dental implants can strengthen the jawbone, which becomes weak and can deteriorate when teeth are not held in place for support.
Customization: Each implant is fully customizable for color, shape, size, and fit.
Durability: Dental implants can last a lifetime.
Osseointegration: The bones around the implant can strengthen to hold the implant tighter via a process known as osseointegration.
Natural-looking: Dental implants mimic natural teeth.
Normal eating habits: You can return to your normal eating habits with dental implants.

Avoid common pitfalls with tooth loss, and get dental implants. If you would like to know more about dental implants, please make an appointment with Dr. John Ifantis by contacting our wonderful dentists at Ifantis Dental Care via phone at 847-268-4998. You can also stop by our office in Morton Grove, Illinois. We look forward to fixing your smile soon!