A Knocked Out Tooth Might Be Lost and Needs to Be Replaced by a Dental Bridge

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A hard blow to the face from a sports injury or an accidental fall can sometimes cause severe dental trauma. In some of these cases, a tooth can be cracked, broken off at the gumline, or knocked completely out of the socket.

This type of dental emergency needs the immediate treatment of a highly trained dentist like Dr. John Ifantis and the specialists at their dental clinic in Morton Grove, Illinois.

In some cases, Dr. John Ifantis might be able to implant it back into the socket. This will only be possible if the tooth is whole and still alive. If the tooth is severely cracked or broken off at the gumline, Dr. John Ifantis might be able to perform a root canal. Afterward, a dental crown can be mounted onto it to fully replace the tooth’s presence in your mouth.

If the tooth has been severely damaged or the underlying socket structure has been compromised Dr. John Ifantis might recommend extracting the remnants of the tooth. Once your gums have fully healed, they can replace the function and restore the tooth with a dental bridge.

If you live in Morton Grove, Illinois, and you have suffered a severe dental trauma you should call 847-268-4998 to have it treated and restored at Ifantis Dental Care.